Conrad and Teegarden

I don't know if this is coming through. There's a glitch in my satellite feeds. My monitors are filled with random static and white noise. Ghostly images flit across the screen. This transmission could break up any moment.

I've been thinking about Conrad and Teegarden. We had some fine times together. I stayed with them on their lavish estate between my travels. They always dressed in custom-made sweaters built for two. Teegarden had inherited nearly a billion dollars. That buys a lot of kookiness.

Their parties were lengendary. Entertainment of all manner and form: Mongolian remote viewing masters, juggling cross-dressers, a thousand and one unusual acts. Each soiree had a theme. There were always rock stars, models, actors, artists and media mogols milling about.

One night---nude---was a scream. They actually---right---in plain sight---the lawn. I was completely----. Then Conrad and Teegarden-----under the---believe that? Then everybody----unison---oh god. Have you---strange person---to you? The instructor---large Ukranian woman---gigantic---. When she---jumping jacks---earth---orbit. And when she---I think---died---don't question benefits---vigorous exercise---any longer.

   Y       G   O   O   D       F   R   I   E   N   D   S
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