Frankfurt and Mombo

Frankfurt was a wee bit keen on his dog Mombo. With everything else going on at the estate this was not any big deal. I was happy reading Bronk's poetry and hanging out with Conrad and Teegarden. Frankfurt was there recuperating from a car accident and working on a book - Nothing Known: A Primer For The New Life. He'd had a near-death experience after the tragedy and his mind was now flooded with powerful new avenues of meaning. He said that he was at last a true being of the universe.

Before the accident he was a lecturer on European literature at Oxford. After his recovery at the estate he moved to a sparse flat in London to continue his magnum opus and nobody's heard from him since. He had seen the Great Light and heard its message: Love, love, love. Anything and everything.

Here's the kicker. When he came to on the side of the road the first thing Frankfurt saw upon entering this world was Mombo, hence the super-meaningful attraction to his mutt. Now don't get me wrong. I do not think that anything except the utter closeness and complete trust and love of man and beast ever happened between them. But when Frankfurt displayed that special gleam in his eyes, one had cause to wonder.

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