Kiko the Slug Boy
I met Kiko the Slug Boy in Cairo late one night at Club Exxotica. The Slug Boy was a pyramid tour guide. He reveled in Schopenhauer and Beckett so we got along just fine. I couldn't resist the offer to stay with him for a few days at his secret desert compound. I had a little time to kill before a job in London encrypting a heavy-duty financier's new computer system. It was there he raised his slugs. The giant slugs made eerie high-pitched sounds. Aeeeeooo!!! Aeeeeoooaaa!!! The Slug Boy and his magnificent creatures were in complete telepathic contact.  Without saying a word, he had them doing all sorts of tricks in the sand. He told me they originated from Mars millions of years ago.  The ancient name for Cairo is Mars, he said. So if you're ever at the pyramids and need a guide, Kiko's your man. You'll feel an exhilaration riding those great psychic beasts heretofore unknown.

   Y       G   O   O   D       F   R   I   E   N   D   S
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