The Island of Hell

"The people are acknowledging that to cling to your belief of what you are and what the world is is really an illusion. As long as we remain committed to wearing blinders, to looking the other way, to playing the game the way the dream of the planet suggests it should be played, that we're sitting in an island of safety that we've created and all around us is hell. And as long as we cling to the attachments of just plodding along with life as we think that we know it based on the belief systems that were mostly rammed down our throats by parents, religions, schools, peers, society, you name it, then we're in a little island that we've created in a sea of hell where very few people are really happy.

So you acknowledge in the Citadel that the things that you're attached to are keeping you trapped and stuck and that these severe attachments are hindering your freedom. They might be self-esteem issues: not good enough, or wearing masks of self-importance, or attached to judging other people so I can feel superior to them, or feeling like I was a victim or wearing a mask that I was somebody special or maybe wearing a mask that I wasn't any good. These are all feelings but these feelings are alive. The work can be very painful."

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