Woody Allen Speaks...

Artzar correspondent Christiane Chatelin drops by the Ritz Hotel in Paris to get Woody Allen's views...

...on Humor

"I do think that surprisingly there is a lot of wisdom in very short jokes. I don't know why this is. Its almost like... a small poem. But for some reason when I look at jokes - not mine, but just jokes in general - I'm amazed how they capture a philosophical idea so succinctly."

...on His Career in Music

"I'm a terrible player. All the acceptance I get is because I make movies. If I didn't make movies, no one would hire me to play music. I couldn't make a living at it. So when people come, they come more because they enjoyed my movies than to hear me play. Now what I do have is great affectionate enthusiasm for the music, and so I play with a lot of passion, but it doesn't matter because I don't have the talent. So the jazz people in the jazz world to my face are very kind, but behind my back they must roll their eyes and think...you know...that many more deserving musicians don't do as well, while I get a good size audience."

Quotes and Photographs From a Press Conference in September, 2003


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