TANTRA BENSKO's art has gone through many stages she has enjoyed the hell out of: woodcuts, monoprints, paintings, at first, and now predominantly photographic art giclees and mixed media. She makes sculptural icons and lamps with metals and photographs, illustrates the informative magazine MKzine, does cd and book covers, published her art in magazines, such as Raven's Quarterly, and shows in galleries and other venues internationally, as with Art Points, in Spain, currently. Her art has won awards such as at Mondial in Luxembourg, and Best of Show at Art on the Lake, and the BTF Design Award, out of Italy, for which she is a juror this year. She was the World Class Photographer of January 2003 in The Times Journal of Photography, from India, for which she also wrote three tutorials, featuring her art. That magazine is one of a few that has run excellent interviews with her. She has had an ungodly number of her pieces pubished, such as in reputable online magazines, such as her feature in Pedestal Magazine. She once ran an art gallery in Montevallo, Alabama, with two other people, and she has written small books illustrated with her art, published by the Laugh of God press, as well as editing a magazine published by the same press, and her art ran freely through all those pages, years ago. She has lived in many places, is a bit of a vagabond, and loves to live wild and unencombered by civilization. She also has times of embracing civilization to the hilt, and living in big cities, and being part of the creative scene. Atlanta, and Vancouver have been most kind to her that way. Mountains in Colorado, canyons in Utah and Arizona, have been most kind to her in the uncivilized part of her existence. She is a lover of surreal films, and has participated in several such, most comedic, which is her best idea of a good time. She also loves to sing or recite her poetry with improvisational musicians, learn everything she can about the conspiracies of this world, taught tantra yoga for many years, was a healer of various sorts professionally for many others, was trained as a writer with an MFA from Iowa and has published many works in magazines, and has been a spiritual teacher for many. She is an eccentric person who wants to learn to fly. Without a plane.

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