TOM R. CHAMBERS, a Documentary Photographer and Visual Artist for over thirty years, is currently working with digital generation and manipulation as an art form under the namesake of New Directions and Pixelscapes, which begins to approach a true abstract, visual language in Digital Art.

This Minimalist approach and Its Derivatives ( Scan Series and Shift Series) have been exhibited in the U.S.A., England, Russia, the Philippines and Brazil. He has exhibited his Documentary Portraiture and Visual Arts throughout the U.S.A. and worldwide (over thirty exhibitions); and his mixed media and interactive work, Mother's 45s (a tribute to his mother and all mothers of the world), was selected through national competition (U.S.A.) for exhibition as a part of the Parents show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A.

American Photo magazine listed one of his Photodocumentary projects, Dyer Street Portraiture, in its Notable Exhibitions section, March, 1986 issue. And his Photodocumentary project, Descendants/350, received a Governor's Proclamation, and was accepted by the Secretary of State as a part of the Rhode Island State Archives (U.S.A.).

His Photodocumentary project, Southwest of Rusape: The Mucharambeyi Connection was officially opened by the U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe and accepted as a part of the United States Information Services (USIS) Archives, Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa; and his Photodocumentary project, People To People was accepted as a part of the Kumho Art Foundation Archives, Gwangju, South Korea.

Chambers also completed a three-year tour as Art Conservator and Curator for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and as the Initiator/Instructor of The McEwen Photographic Studio for the National Gallery's Art School. The Gallery also invited him to exhibit his Visual Arts project, Variations On The Dan Mask, which was officially opened by the U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe.

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